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Interesting facts about Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is home to a number of species of snakes. Most notably it has large populations of both Red Bellied Black and Eastern Brown snakes. Many snakes have been removed from the Brisbane Airport area over the years.

Keelbacks have also been removed from locations within the airport grounds all the way up to Luggage Point. Snakes will often find their way into open pits, pipes and other holes in the ground. It is best practice to ensure all holes etc are capped to avoid people and animals, including snakes, from falling in.

Should you need a snake removed from the Brisbane Airport area please contact us as well as Brisbane Airport Corporation. Given the high nature of security required in the airport facility special access may need to be granted for the snake catcher to perform the removal.

The best defence against snakes in the Brisbane Airport area is to minimise ground cover. Only plant trees and hedges that grow up off the ground. There should be the absolute minimum ground cover.

All first aid stations should be equipped with the necessary equipment to treat snake bite. All snake bites should be considered life threatening unless confirmed otherwise by trained professionals.