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Interesting facts about Ipswich

Snake Catcher Ipswich

Ipswich, is a major industrial and commercial hub located 40klm to the west of Brisbane. Originally a mining town in it's own right it is now much a part of the greater Brisbane region.

Ipswich still has a country feel to it including a snake population. Snake catchers in Ipswich are often busy throughout the warm and hot seasons. Snakes found in Ipswich include venomous species such as Eastern Browns as well as non venomous species like the Carpet Python and Green Tree Snake. Last season an Eastern Brown was found hiding under a childs bed and was captured and removed by one of our snake removal professionals. Snakes can behave erratically when cornered so it's always safest to call a licensed Ipswich snake catcher.

Should you have a photo of a snake please SMS it to your local licensed snake handler listed above for identification. Snake identification is a free service.