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Interesting facts about Mcdowall

McDowall is a northern suburb within the city of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia.

It features the Raven Street Reserve. Raven Street Reserve is a 24.3 hectare bushland area surrounded by urban housing and busy roads. It is part of a long stretch of forest and green areas going from the mountains in the west to the mangrove areas on the coast.

It has many species of wildflowers and grass trees which when in flower have a long central flowering stem that attracts bees. The Raven Street Reserve is home to many species of snakes. The most common snakes in McDowall include carpet pythons and green tree snakes. Snake catchers have been busy in McDowall because of the bushland as well as the fact that McDowall has both Cabbage Tree Creek and Little Cabbage Tree Creek running to the north and south of the suburb. The number for your local snake catcher McDowall is shown above.

Trees include weeping myrtle and native blueberry ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) with creek fauna such as water dragons (Physignathus lesueurii), turtles and native fish including the crimson spotted rainbow fish. There are also squirrel gliders, possums and scrub turkeys with occasionally a swamp wallaby being sighted. The bird life is abundant and in keeping with its name has a significant crow or raven population.

History and Overview of McDowall

The first white settlers appeared in the mid 1800s. As the area was hilly and full of gullies, there was little scope for farming and was later used as a cattle holding yard, slaughterhouse, and rubbish dump.

The bushland was protected by Greenbelt designation in 1950s when the local area was subdivided, and has been managed by council since 1972.

McDowall's first housing establishments were built around 1972 and very few houses in McDowall were built before then. More housing was later built in the late 1980s, early 1990s and 2007.

Local Services

All of McDowall's residential developments are served by either of McDowall's two community-based shopping centres, one located on the southern end of McDowall, which first opened in the 1970s and underwent renovations from the late 1990s (when the centre's Mitre 10 store closed down and reopened at Stafford City Shopping Centre) until 2004. The other one is located on the northern end of McDowall, which first opened in 1997. Major shopping centres that are local to McDowall include Brookside Shopping Centre, Stafford City Shopping Centre and Westfield Chermside.


Schools that serve the McDowall area include Queen of Apostles Chuter St campus, Queen of Apostles Thurina St campus and also McDowall State School, Craigslea State School, Craigslea State High School and Northside Christian College.