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Interesting facts about Toowoomba

Snake Catcher Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a large town of about 160 000 residents. The town supports a huge network of farmers supplying much fresh produce to south east Queensland as well as across the country.

Given Toowoomba's large farming area it is common for snake catchers to be called to remove snakes in all sorts of situations. Many of the local schools and universities have required snake removal in recent times. The species in question were Red-bellied Black Snakes and Eastern Browns. Toowoomba is also home to non venomous and low venom snakes however as always it's best to get a licensed snake catcher to remove the snake.

Should you have a photo of a snake please SMS it to your local licensed snake handler. There are a couple of names above.

The good news is the cold weather in Toowoomba generally slows the snakes down for about half the year.