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Interesting facts about Virginia

Snake Catcher Virginia

Virginia is bordered by Banyo, Northgate, Wavell Heights and Geebung. Virginia is a relatively small suburb however it ecompassas the well known Virginia Golf Course. The golf course runs along Downfall Creek. There is plenty of open land as well as trees and native flora. All this combined makes for an ideal habitat for various snake species. Downfall Creek and Zillman Waterholes flow under the Gateway Motorway and into the Brisbane Airport area. This area is well known for Eastern Brown Snakes as well as a documented colony of Red-bellied Black Snakes. As this is the case all snakes in the Virginia area should be treated with a high level of caution and removed by a licensed snake catcher if required.

The good news is that whilst there have been many call outs for snake catchers Virginia and surrounding suburbs have also had lots of non venomous snakes.

Should you happen to see a snake please send any photos by SMS it to your local licensed snake handler. With a clear photo it is generally easy to identify the snake in question and whether you actually need the assistance of a snake catcher.