Snake Hoax Identification

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Hoax King Brown Mulga Black Headed Python Snake

(Snakieus Bullshitterus Foolesyounus)




Very uncommon, only one found in wild and still there in Alstonville. Prolific in cheap shops.


Lays around, doesn't do much, slows traffic down and poses for photos.

Snakieus Bullshitterus Foolesyounus are very uncommon except for around Christmas when unlicensed catchers (dad's) place them in toilets, beds or other humorous locations. After being released in such locations they often scare their prey (Grandma, Aunties etc). The one above is as we say 'a prank gone too far for too long' and was originally installed to slow traffic down. Since it's installation traffic has slowed my 30% but left the road much more frequently. The swear jar located out the front is also doin well and powered through the GFC untouched.

This beautiful specimen has been located in Alstonville in NSW at 189 Uralba Rd. From the image on Google Maps you can see that it fits the location in the photo. Further more a friendly hoax buster went and approached the snake!

I must admit it was a great job as far as replicas are concerned. It had many people in the snake world scratching their heads. Sadly with the proliferation of hoaxs on the internet it was always likely to be just that. I was secretly wishing it wasn't although I had no idea how I would take it on if it was and ended up in someones back yard. That one may have to be referred to the competitor! ;)

Sadly this hoax has been busted! I look forward to seeing my next King Brown!

As always stay safe and remember "Just because it's in the news doesn't make it the truth!" :)