The King Brown / Mulga Snake

King Brown Snake / Mulga Snake

Pseudechis australis

Toxicity:Highly Venomous

Frequency:Common throughout much of Australia

Behaviour:Very aggressive if provoked, typically reclusive

The King Brown Snake is also known as the Mulga Snake.

The King Brown or Mulga Snake is one of the largest venomous snakes in the world. They can grow to three meters. Like many snakes they lay a clutch of eggs and when the eggs hatch the young snakes have to defend for themselves. Their size when they hatch make them easy pickings for predators such as kookaburras.

Whilst there are many stories or reported sightings of King Brown snakes in the Brisbane area and it's suburbs they typically turn out to be Eastern Brown snakes. Whilst these sound less exciting they are typcially more agressive and their venom is rated as more toxic. Both the Eastern Brown and King Brown should be treated with great caution, both are highly venomous.

Even though these snakes are an extremely venomous land snake they are still protected! Not only is it illegal to harm, kill or catch (unless licensed by the Department of Environment and Resource Management) these snakes it is also dangerous. Only trainer professionals who understand the risk, are trained in first aid and are fully licensed and insured should relocate these beautiful animals on. They are part of our natural habitat and should be respected as such.

An interesting fact is the King Brown is actually a member of the black snake family, Pseudechis, and not a member of the brown snake family! Talk about being the odd one out at family get togethers!