Little pig little pig let me in!

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Python Eats Piggies

When a carpet python moves in

A family from Albany Creek, on Brisbane's north side, recently woke to find both of their guinea pigs missing and a new resident in their guinea pig hutch. Whilst the hutch was in excellent condition it turns out that the Coastal Carpet Python had made it's way under the edge of the hutch which was on slightly uneven ground. The kids were stoked to have an encounter with a carpet snake however were a little sad that their guinea pigs had been consumed.

Sadly this is a common occurrence across Brisbane. Even inner city suburbs of Brisbane such as Ashgrove and Everton Park lose small pets to snakes. A couple of steps to help reduce the chance of an encounter include keeping pet food in sealed containers and snake proof your enclosures.

How do I 'snake proof' my guinea pig hutch?

As mentioned the hutch shown in the photos was in excellent condition. Importantly it had wire with only small holes. There was a possible entry point on the side as there was a larger gap however the uneven ground is most likely the entry point used by the snake. So essentially a pet owner should create an enclosure with only small holes over the entire enclosure. Pets should not be left in open air enclosures etc as the snakes, generally pythons, will definitely get in. If you are unlucky enough to get a visit from a snake then search for your local snake catcher at Snake Catcher Directory

A quick link to your local Brisbane snake catcher is here. North and South Brisbane

It can be difficult to explain the loss of a pet to a child. When explaining the situation it is important to point out the snake did not set out to eat the childs pet. It's not evil or nasty it just needed something to eat. It's important for them to know there was no malice, it's just an animal looking for a meal. This helps the child to understand that there is no such thing as a nasty animal and that all animals need to eat.

Oh and one last word of advice... Look in before you reach in!!

Stay safe!